David Hasselhoff Spotted in Tucson Discussing Women's Rights

As New Times predicted back in January, when we first learned of David Hasselhoff's new reality show, the former Baywatch star was spotted at the University of Arizona Wednesday, where he gave a speech to his daughter's psychology class.

"The Hoff" is in the process of filming a new, currently untitled reality show that focuses on his life as a single dad and business man -- sounds, um, thrilling, we know.

"The Hoff's" daughter happens to be a communications major at U of A, and as we pointed out in our previous post "what's an ex-celeb, family reality show without all the, um, zany antics of parents' weekend?"

It wasn't parents' weekend, but "the Hoff" made the trek to Tucson to give a guest lecture to his daughter's former psychology class, U of A's student newspaper, the Daily Wildcat, reports.

He also dropped in on Cindy Cain, a Sociology of Popular Culture instructor, for a chat. The topic of the discussion: how popular culture could improve women's rights.

Baywatch probably would have made Elizabeth Cady Stanton vomit on her chemise, so who better than the show's star to discuss women's rights, right?

"There is more rights for women and better birth control and the economy is better," Hasselhoff said to Cain, the Wildcat reports. "If you go to Abu Dhabi or Dubai, all those women are in burkas. Man, if you go to a party, they take that stuff off. They're all wearing lingerie."

We knew German's loved David Hasselhoff but we had no idea that women in the Middle East were just tearing off their burkas at the mere sight of him.

The Wildcat managed to snap some photos of the Hoff as make-up artists pasted on his flawless tan. It's worth a gander, check it out here.

The Hoff's reality show is scheduled to air later this year on A&E. Unless he's shirtlessly chowin' down on a giant cheeseburger, while in a drunken stupor (as pictured), we won't be tuning in.