Tempe Man Gets Stomped by Herschel Walker in MMA Fight

A 25-year-old Tempe man got trounced by 47-year-old former NFL star and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker on Saturday night in a mixed-martial-arts fight in Sunrise, Florida (a shot from the fight is at left).

We're not huge fans of these sort of fights -- there's just something a little unsettling about watching two shirtless men roll around on a mat -- but when a guy who's pushing 50, with no experience, beats a 25-year-old kid, it's worth a little attention.

This is not to say that, at whatever age, a big guy as ripped as Walker wouldn't beat the crap out of anybody. 

The fight was considered a sideshow, since Walker is 22 years older than Greg "Dangerous" Nagy, but the aging gridiron great TKOd, heh, "Dangerous" in the third round.

The fight was Walker's MMA debut but was Nagy's third fight of his young career. In his first two fights, Nagy went 1-1, with his only win coming at a Rage in the Cage event in Casa Grande last August.

Walker seemed to have the upper hand for most of the fight, dominating Nagy both on the ground and in punch count. Walker only appeared vulnerable once, when Nagy got him in a leg-lock submission hold that Walker escaped.

In the third round, Walker got Nagy to the ground, where he viciously attacked him, landing several unanswered punches, causing the referee to stop the fight.

Anyone dying to see the two shirtless men guys around together can do so by clicking here.