America's Most Wanted Fugitive Busted Trying to Cross Border Near Nogales; Suspected of Murdering Woman in 2003

A Mexican national suspected of murdering a woman in 2003 was busted by U.S. Border Patrol agents near Nogales.

Guzman Badilla-Corona, 28, better known in the crystal-meth community as "Indio," was trying to cross back into the United States from Mexico when he got picked up by border agents.

After running Badilla-Corona's fingerprints through a national database, agents realized that not only was he wanted for a murder that happened on the Gila River Indian Reservation, he was also a minor celebrity after appearing on the crime show America's Most Wanted.

On October 21, 2003, when Badilla-Corona was just 21, he murdered 19-year-old Marvina White after a verbal altercation with the woman's boyfriend, Carlos Ibarra, according to authorities.

The argument, authorities say, prompted Badilla-Corona and another man, Javier Juarez, to follow the couple as they left a grocery store on the reservation.

A car driven by Juarez pulled up next to Ibarra's car as he and White were driving on Casa Blanca Road, and Juarez fired two shots into the couple's vehicle. He then handed the gun to Badilla-Corona, who fired more shots, one of which hit White in the head, killing her.


After the shootings, both cars went careening off the road and crashed. Authorities say Badilla-Corona and Juarez tried to get the Kia they had been driving to start but the car wouldn't move so they fled on foot.

Police caught up with Juarez in a nearby neighborhood that night but Badilla-Corona managed to escape -- until Tuesday, that is.

Badilla-Corona is in federal custody and is expected to appear in a federal court in Tucson some time today.