FedEx Will Not Be Delivering 1,621 Pounds of Weed On Time

Somewhere is an unhappy FedEx customer who will never see his or her packages delivered. The deliveries didn't fall off the back of the truck, they weren't sent to the wrong address, and there's no use calling the local delivery center. 

Tucson Sector Border Patrol stopped the FedEx truck near its Interstate 19 checkpoint Tuesday and found 1,621 pounds of weed stashed in it. The Border Patrol hasn't released much more information, except that the driver faces possible prosecution. 

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That's around $810,000 dollars of dope - depending on quality of course, which we're told this time of year isn't so great. 

A note to the intended receiver: you can pick your packages/bales of weed up at the DEA office. 

And on a FedEx/weed trafficking side note: 

A Massachusetts woman filed a lawsuit against FedEx last February after she found a seven-pound bale of weed on her doorstep. She told a local news station in the area she thought it was a gift for her daughter. 

If mailing your dope to the wrong address wasn't fantastically moronic enough, the intended recipients called FedEx to get the address the package had been shipped to. And in a feet of equal stupidity, FedEx allegedly gave the dealers the woman's address, and... the dealers came knocking on the woman's door. According to news articles, a suspect has been arrested in the case. 

The moral of the story. Drug dealers, start shipping USPS.