Adult Diapers Find New Market in Drug Cartels; Convenience Wins Out Among Mess-Phobic Killers

A short series earlier this week in the Arizona Republic about the murder of a police informant contained an exquisitely horrifying detail mentioned prominently in all three stories: a brutal new use for adult diapers.

As one of the accused killers, Edgar Javier Enriquez, explained in court records dug up by Republic reporter Dennis Wagner, 

At a Target store, they bought batting gloves to protect their hands while throwing punches and adult diapers because that's what cartel henchmen in Mexico use to prevent messy torture sessions.

Said Edgar: "They don't want to deal with someone that's scared or crying and pooping on himself, you know."

At a Tempe home under surveillance by police, the drug dealers made victim Ymer Orozco strip and put on a diaper (or maybe it was more than one -- Wagner's first story says "the diapers.")

Man, that's worse than digging your own grave.

Orozco was then beaten and suffocated.

And the murderers left a neat house.