Grand Canyon Skywalk Company Seeks New CEO



The Grand Canyon Resort Corporation, which runs the glass-bottomed Skywalk path on the Canyon's rim, is seeking a new front man.

The company put a prominent ad in the Arizona Republic on Sunday seeking a new CEO, and has also advertised the position on at least one help-wanted Web site.

The company's first CEO, Sheri Yellowhawk, left the position a while ago. Cameron Danes is the acting CEO, says a woman who answered the phone. The woman said she'd have the company's board chairman call us back later this afternoon, but that she couldn't comment on the CEO ad meantime.


The place has received mixed reviews since opening in 2007, and "marketing" is expected to be one of the new CEO's strengths. A documentary released in April about the making of Skywalk didn't seem to spark much new attention to the attraction, which is expensive to visit and 250 miles away from the Canyon's popular South Rim.

The per-person cost to walk the transparent path is about $60, leading to accusations that it's a tourist trap, (even though the fee benefits the impoverished Hualapai Tribe).