Justin Garcia Ended Sexual Assault of Fiancee to "Jerk Off." Arrest Leads to Discovery of Feces-Scented Drug Den

For 22-year-old Justin Adrian Garcia, a night of heavy drinking and cocaine use led to the violent sexual assault of his fiancee -- which, in turn, led cops to the drug den he was living in with his victim and her young son.

According to police, the place just reeks of feces.

According to court records obtained by New Times, police were dispatched to Garcia's home about 10:30 Sunday night after his fiancee called 9-1-1 to report that she'd been sexually assaulted by Garcia.

The victim told police Garcia tied her to a bed with computer cords and sodomized her. When she pleaded with him to stop, Garcia told her "if you're gonna act like a whore, I'm gonna treat you like a whore."

He continued to rape her for about 15 minutes until he apparently got bored.

"I don't want you no more -- I'm not even hard," Garcia told his fiancee. "I'm going to the next room to jerk off."

Garcia, the victim told police, then untied one of her hands and left the room -- presumably to "jerk off."

The victim untied herself, grabbed her son, and went to her parents' house, where she called police.

Following the assault, police got a warrant to search Garcia's home. What they found was a feces-scented drug den with pills and marijuana easily accessible to a curious baby,

In Garcia's closet, police found nine marijuana plants. On his refrigerator, police found a loaded Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun and three fully loaded magazines.

In addition to the guns and weed, police found a baggy on a coffee table that contained pills police suspect to be ecstasy. The officer notes in the arrest report that the table was only 14 inches off the ground, and easily accessible to a child.

Police found more pills in a baggy in a purse that was laying on the ground near the stairs -- also easily accessible to a child, the officer notes.

The victim told police Garcia's never been violent with her before, and attributes his behavior to the cocaine and booze the two had consumed while partying with friends.

In all, Garcia was booked on one count each of sexual abuse, kidnapping, possession of drug paraphernalia, and misconduct involving weapons. He was also booked on nine counts of marijuana production, and three counts of child abuse.