ASU Professor Finds U.S. Flags on the Moon, Conspiracy Theorists Still Not Convinced

In the year 2012, people are still convinced that the United States government faked the moon landings.

A professor from Arizona State University and his team recently found most of the U.S. flags planted on the moon -- using a camera on an orbiter -- and we checked in on the crowd that's known for wearing hats made of tinfoil to see if this changed their minds.

Of course, it didn't.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera team posted the photos on Friday, purportedly showing all the flags planted during the Apollo missions except the one left during Apollo 11.

From the LROC images it is now certain that the American flags are still standing and casting shadows at all of the sites, except Apollo 11," ASU professor Mark Robinson's explanation says. "Astronaut Buzz Aldrin reported that the flag was blown over by the exhaust from the ascent engine during liftoff of Apollo 11, and it looks like he was correct!"

Nope, nope, and nope, according to the frequenters of Above Top Secret -- home to many of the tinfoil mad-hatters.

Here are some of the gems:

Can't have a US flag's probably still in the studio where the landing was filmed.

Of course it was.

Have you ever asked yourself why, in the year 2012, with our amazing advancements in technology can we still not see a detailed color image of the closest body in space to us.

Google street view can do things NASA still can't??? Makes no sense to me, and where there is smoke there most certainly is fire.

We the people are not intended to know the truth about the most amazing thing in the night sky.

Here's a tip: Google drives up and down streets in station wagons. The last time Google put a station wagon on the moon was never.

If we can send a rover to Mars, why not send 1 to the moon just to get some quality pics of where we supposedly landed? But instead we are forced to look at nonsense that even I can doctor up in the earliest version of photoshop.

IMO, There are only 3 scenarios:

1. NASA has these photos and hasn't felt comfortable with the level of airbrushing thus far.

2. We never landed on the moon.

3. We landed there once and found out we shouldn't be there for whatever the reasons may be.

Aliens, bro.

You know how everyone knows the moon landings were real? Because Buzz Aldrin said so, and he'll punch you in the face.