Chris Christie Mad at Scottsdale Doctor Who Claims Being a Big, Fat Fatso Is Unhealthy

Former White House doctor and current Scottsdale resident Connie Mariano went on CNN recently to explain that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's fatness is unhealthy, in her medical opinion.

Indeed, there seems to be some agreement in the medical community that being a gigantic fatso is not good for the health -- which apparently upsets Christie.

It's a popular topic on TV nowadays to discuss whether said fatso is fit to be President of the United States, and Mariano, giving the medical opinion to CNN, described Christie's fatness as "almost a like a time bomb."

It seemed like a relatively innocuous clip -- although Mariano said she's "worr[ied] about this man dying in office" -- but Christie seems a bit pissed.

According to an Associated Press report today, "The 50-year-old Republican governor said Wednesday that unless Mariano gives him a physical exam and takes his family history, 'she should shut up.'"

Christie also referred to Mariano, who worked for Bill Clinton, as a "hack."

Mariano gave the perfect response to Bloomberg, pointing out that you don't have to be a doctor to notice that he's a fatso.

If you'd like the Office of Governor Chris Christie-approved comments on his weight, that can be found below. We're still inclined to believe the Scottsdale lady.