New DPS Director Says He Acted Unprofessionally During Golf-Course Altercation

Robert Halliday, Governor Jan Brewer's appointee to become the next director of the Department of Public Safety, came under fire at his confirmation hearing today over an incident at a golf course, where the probable director claims he "acted unprofessionally."

During the hearing, senators raised questions about e-mails several of them had received claiming that Halliday assaulted a man at a golf course in Prescott in 2002.

We sent Halliday an e-mail to get his side of the story. He hasn't gotten back to us, but KPHO reports that after breaking a man's window with a wayward ball, Halliday was confronted by the homeowner.

As he offered to pay for the window, Halliday says he fended off the angry homeowner but never assaulted him.

However, Halliday says he "responded in a very unprofessional manner."

We disagree.

As golfers, too, we have found ourselves in similar situations where we've had to deal with irate homeowners who're absolutely shocked that while living on a golf course, a sliced drive managed to find their houses. Here's a tip for those who don't want their house hit with a golf ball: Don't live on a fucking golf course.

His apparent inability to stay in-bounds aside, the Public Safety and Human Services Committee voted 5-2 to recommend Halliday's confirmation to the full Senate.