Marijuana Policy Project: John Kavanagh One of the Worst State Legislators in the Nation

The Marijuana Policy Project has named Arizona Republican Representative John Kavanagh the third-worst state legislator in the country.

Obviously, the Marijuana Policy Project is taking into account only Kavanagh's fanatical anti-marijuana crusade, which is just one freaky thing about the guy's record.

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In fact, more than 69 percent of New Times readers agree, "There are good lawmakers, then bad lawmakers, then 50 feet of crap, then Kavanagh."

Kavanagh kicked off the most recent legislative session by announcing his support for repealing Arizona's voter-approved medical marijuana law. He then proceeded with vocal support of a bill that would protect Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the event of a recall election, before he went "bathroom birther" -- proposing that people use their birth certificate to prove they're using the correct public restroom, if needed.

Kavanagh has also been one of the biggest proponents of SB 1070 since its inception.

So, it's really no surprise that any pro-freedom or pro-human-rights group would call Kavanagh one of the worst legislators in the country, and medical-marijuana advocates are no exception.

Luckily for Arizonans, Kavanagh dropped his attempted repeal of the state's medical-marijuana program, since the support from his fellow legislators was light.

Kavanagh, a retired cop, still puts in work as an anti-pot propagandist who claims that "no medical authority" would say medical pot does any good.

"They all say it's harming you," Kavanagh said. That's completely false, of course.

It's hard to argue with Marijuana Policy Project's ranking of Kavanagh here.

Check out the organization's video below:

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