David Wright, Previously Convicted of Several Sex Crimes, Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault of Glendale Woman

Glendale Police recently arrested David Wright for the alleged sexual assault of a woman he met through a social media website -- which is not the first time Wright's accused of sex crimes.

Wright was arrested in Florida in 2000 for the criminal transmission of HIV, and was sentenced to more than three years in prison. Before that -- in 1984 -- Wright was sentenced to 20 years in prison for multiple crimes, including sexual assault and kidnapping, according to records from the Florida Department of Corrections, but was released early.

Police alleged that Wright has struck again.

He met the current alleged victim through a social media website, police say. Wright and the woman went out on one date that went well, but on the second date she invited him into her home for a glass of water, and that's when she says Wright sexually assaulted her.

She contacted police immediately, and they quickly tracked him down. Investigators then discovered Wright's lengthy and heinous criminal history in Florida. Police have not disclosed which social media website the two met on, but did note that Wright has profiles across numerous social media platforms.

Phoenix Police are investigating three or four other cases they think Wright could be connected to, according to Glendale police. The investigation is still ongoing and police ask that anyone with information concerning the case contact them at 623 930-3000.