Maricopa County Craziness

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Testifying Now -- Here's the Link

We just wanted to make sure y'all had the link to watch Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio testify this morning in the State Bar disciplinary proceeding for his former political ally, County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

Click here for the state Supreme Court's Web site, then hit the either "in progress" or "view hearing video" for the live proceeding.

Arpaio, as many of you know, shares the blame with Thomas for the shady tactics used against their political enemies in the county. But it'll be Thomas who loses his job if the Star Bar panel, led by Disciplinary Judge William O'Neil, decides to disbar him.

The sheriff expects to be re-elected next November.

It's started now -- the sheriff is hoarse and says he has the flu.

We'll have more coverage on the hearing later today.

UPDATE: Read Stephen Lemons' coverage of today's testimony here.