Most Pathetic Part of Eugene Maraventano's Alleged Murders?

Based on the cops' account, 64-year-old Eugene Maraventano's alleged murder of his wife and son were pathetic.

Not only did Maraventano allegedly stab both of them to death for extraordinarily poor reasons, but he also tried unsuccessfully for the next four days to kill himself.

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After Maraventano told police he killed his family members, he was hospitalized after police responded to his Goodyear home.

Maraventano was interviewed at the hospital, where he started by saying he used to live in New York, where he "frequented with prostitutes." He thought he may have contracted HIV or another disease and passed it on to his wife, Janet.

Janet started to get sick recently, so Maraventano thought his wife might have had cancer or possibly something he gave her. Since tests showed she didn't have cancer, that only left one option, in Maraventano's mind.

Then, Maraventano also decided to kill his son, Bryan, because he "plays video games all day, has no girlfriend, and must be handicap[ped] because he can't get a job," according to court documents.

Maraventano went down the hallway and knocked on Bryan's door. When Bryan answered, Maraventano stabbed him twice, according to police.

Over the next four days, Maraventano tried a few ways of killing himself.

First, he cut his wrist. Then he tried to suffocate himself with a plastic bag, even taping it to his face. Next, he put a knife handle against the wall and tried to push his chest into the blade.

"None of which worked," notes a probable-cause statement submitted by police.

The whole thing sounds pathetic, but if you had to pick one part, which would you say is most pathetic?

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