Arizona Funeral Home Owner Denies Defecating at Desk; Shocking Accusation Made in Lawsuit by "Disgruntled" Ex-Employee

A lawsuit filed by the ex-employee of an Arizona funeral home claims one of the company's owners habitually defecated at his desk, disposing of his waste in the office trash can.

The employee claims she got sick from the man's allegedly horrific hygiene, and she also claims another worker at the funeral home once put his hands on her in a threatening manner.

This looks like a disgruntled-employee lawsuit, and the funeral home owner named in it says that's just what it is. As far as pooping at his desk: "Impossible," the owner says. "It never happened."

Well, then, we asked, will he sue the woman who made the claim for defamation?

"She doesn't have any money," he says. 

Since we're not sure there's any evidence of the allegations other than the word of the ex-employee, we feel squeamish about naming anyone involved.

In fact, everything about this story makes us squeamish.

But we'll save you the trouble of Googling -- if you have to find out more, click on the following link from

Click here for lawsuit.

UPDATE: Just heard back from the woman's lawyer, who gave us this statement:

All of our allegations are absolutely true and can be substantiated by independent witnesses. We have no further comment.