Fox News Host: Immigration Reform to Blame for News of Racist Comments by Jeff Flake's Son

Between showing a Phoenix man blow his brains out on live TV and labeling the state of Arkansas as Arizona, it's safe to say that Fox News sucks at covering Arizona issues.

That includes Wednesday, when host Neil Cavuto suggested that the only reason people care about the extremely bigoted comments made by Senator Jeff Flake's son is because of Flake's support of immigration reform.

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"Did you find it curious that [the bigoted comments] got out at all?" Cavuto asked Flake in an interview Wednesday. "And would they have gotten out if you didn't have the prominent position you presently do on this immigration debate?"

"Would it even have mattered that much?" Cavuto continued to Flake, who was talking, but certainly not directly responding to questions about his son, Tanner.

This is nonsense on several levels. This still would have been news even if Flake hadn't won the Senate race.

Nobody whose old man holds political office gets to call themselves "N1ggerKiller" and get away with it. Sorry, Neil Cavuto.

Plus, the individual who found all the kid's online comments doesn't hate immigrants, so there's no motivation to go after Flake for pushing immigration reform.

Even though Cavuto tossed up the softballs for Flake, and tried to let Flake play the victim, the stuff still made him squirm. Check out the interview below:

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