LifeLock Slammed With $12 Million Judgment; Service Left "Holes You Could Drive a Truck Through," Says FTC

LifeLock Inc. and its co-founders, Robert J. Maynard Jr. and Todd Davis, have been slammed with a $12 million penalty and ordered to change its deceptive advertising practices in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.

The fact that LifeLock lies won't come as a surprise to New Times readers. We were the first to warn you of LifeLock's shady ways in our May 31, 2007 article What Happened in Vegas. Maynard resigned from the company a month later. Our follow-up story outlined some of the very things mentioned in the FTC's complaint.

Now, LifeLock's bogus advertising has reaped "one of the largest FTC-state coordinated settlements on record," according to the FTC.

The FTC also blasts LifeLock for making its customers' data vulnerable to identity theft, the very thing the company purports to protect against.

Click here for the complaint.

LifeLock's ads pulled in thousands of customers despite our efforts, but it's success story hit a brick wall last year when its primary service was ruled illegal.

Will LifeLock go the way of Maynard's Hawaiian adventure business?