"There was Mucous Coming Our of Their Mouth[s]," Says One Sweat Lodge Survivor

Beverly Bunn, the Texas orthodontist who seems to be the only victim speaking out about the infamous sweat lodge tragedy that left three people dead, appeared on CBS' The Early Show this morning and painted an even more gruesome picture of what happened two weeks ago in Sedona than was originally known.

You can check the video out here.

Bunn, a medical professional, called the scene within the sweat tent a "triage situation" and says she was kept from helping those who needed it.

"It was a crisis was a total triage situation. There were many people lying around who were not conscious. I saw people with mucous coming out of their nose[s]...mucous coming out of their mouth[s]. I saw their eyes rolled backin their head[s]," she says in an interview with Harry Smith.

She also says one man's eyes were completely red because all the blood vessels had burst.

We're kind of shocked organizer James Ray didn't try to spin that into some sort of bloody-tear biblical self-help bullshit.

Bunn wept her way through six chilling minutes and finish by saying she felt abandoned by  "self-help" guru Ray.

According to Bunn, the "spiritual warrior" and his "dream team" went on with business as usual -- dinner at 6:30 p.m. and at about 11 p.m., the group was told that two people were dead and several were injured.

Then, "warrior" that he is, Ray split for California, not to be heard from again with the exception of a short conference call with some survivors about four days later.

"I was abandoned, as well as everybody else was abandoned," she sobbed. "And we never saw James Ray again."

Given the circumstances, never seeing James Ray again is probably the best thing that could have happened.

This gets crazier by the day.