GOPer Brett Mecum Says Party's Unreported $50k "All Good"

The Arizona Republican Party is reported to have received $50,000 from the National Republican Committee to help build a grassroots effort to strengthen the party. However, the latest spending reports show no record of the transaction, as required by law, the Arizona Guardian reports today.

That, evidently, is A-ok with Arizona Republican Party Executive Director and alleged creepster Brett Mecum.

"I am very concerned about this," Mecum told the Guardian. "We're all accounted for over here. It's all good."

It's all good? "Creeping" out women, getting caught on The Dirty with a woman simulating oral sex on him while wearing a super-hero outfit, and now the college-boy slang? Is Mecum an executive director at the GOP, or the Republican Party's resident frat guy?

By "all good," Mecum means he isn't sure why the money wasn't reported but claims it is documented in the party's internal records.  

The money was received on November 24, and the Guardian reports that it was not filed on the party's monthly financial statement. Mecum claims he plans to submit an amended statement as soon as possible.

Way to keep it real, Brett. Maybe when he's done he can pour one out for the homies, too, aight?