Prescient U.S. Justice Department Report on Courtroom Safety Released as Vegas Killer Struck

We were rummaging through the post-holiday e-mail riffraff this morning, and happened onto this timely report from the U.S. Department of Justice.

It concerns the growing number of threats to federal judges, U.S. Attorneys, and federal prosecutors (from members of the community, not, mind you, from the likes of a county attorney named Thomas and a sheriff named Joe -- they're just after the locals).

Anyway, we were looking over the 110-page report when word came in about a guy killing a court security officer and wounding a deputy U.S. marshal in a shooting at the federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas (hence the  Blue Man Group photo).

The report (stop the presses!) suggests that there are a lot more crazies out there than previously believed.

Well, we know there's at least one more -- the gunman, who died across the street shortly after the shootout.