Go Sooners! Arizona Death Row Inmate Chooses University of Oklahoma Fight Song as Last Words. WTF?

The University of Oklahoma got an unlikely shout out last night that it probably could have done without. It happened during the execution of a condemned murderer, and it was actually the last thing the inmate said before he bit the dust.

A lot of inmates use their final gasps to apologize to their victims' families, proclaim their innocence (as if it matters by the time they're strapped to the table), or thank God.

Now-deceased Arizona death row inmate Jeffrey Landrigan went a different route.

During his execution last night -- with both his family members and members of his victim's family looking on -- Landrigan opted to use his last words to recite the U of O battle cry "Boomer Sooner."

Not exactly as profound as "et tu, Brute?" But he got his point across.

This isn't the first time an Arizona death row inmate has used his final words to cheer on his favorite team.

In 2007, death row inmate Robert Charles Comer went with "Go Raiders" as his final phrase before the executioner flipped the switch.

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