Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Not in the Good Graces of Arizona Voters, According to Poll


​A poll of 623 Arizona voters released today reflects a couple things -- almost nobody likes Donald Trump, and most people would prefer Sarah Palin not move here.

In the poll -- from Public Policy Polling -- opinions are recorded about possible GOP nominees for the 2012 presidential election, and how they'd vote if they ran against President Barack Obama.

Donald Trump was the most unfavorable of five possible GOP candidates -- with a full two-thirds of people dissin' the Donald with an "unfavorable" ranking.

Remember that whole thing about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin moving to Arizona for a possible Senate campaign?

Most people would prefer that not happen.

Palin was the second-most-disliked candidate -- with 62 percent having unfavorable opinions -- and a later question revealed 57 percent of people would prefer that she not move to Arizona.

Trump also suffered the biggest blowout in a hypothetical match-up against Obama, garnering votes from only 36 percent of respondents.

Although Obama lost to Senator John McCain by 8 percentage points in Arizona for the 2008 election, the president lost only to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the supposed match-ups, 48 to 44.

Obama narrowly defeated former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, 46 to 44, and easily beat out Palin and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Public Policy Polling is a self-admitted Democratic polling company, but the New York Times' political blog "FiveThirtyEight" says surveys from the 2010 elections actually showed a very slight Republican bias from the company.

Other aspects of the poll: most respondents were old, white Republicans, as you can see with the rest of the poll results here.