Huffington Post Claims Republican Women Afraid of State GOP Executive Director Brett Mecum

The Huffington Post claims that the stalking complaint against GOP Executive Director Brett Mecum fits a pattern of weirdo behavior by him that's creeping out Arizona Republican Party women.

In an article posted on the Web site yesterday, Huff Post's Arizona correspondent Dawn Teo maintains that, for months, she's been speaking with GOP gals who have similar stories about Mecum's "unwanted sexual advances, persistent harassment, and intimidation." We're not just talking about the, um, cutie who simulated oral sex on Mecum while he was wearing his little super hero outfit, either.

We would love to run Teo's assertions past Mecum, but he hasn't returned our phone calls.

According to Teo's post, several of these alleged women have come to her with the same story about Mecum: "He doesn't know how to take no for an answer."

In politics, not taking no for an answer is probably an asset. On the dating scene, not so much.

Teo claims the women refuse to come forward because of Mecum's position in the party, and because of alleged inaction on prior complaints by Republican National Committee Treasurer and Arizona Republican Committee Chairman Randy Pullen. Teo also mentions Pullen's taking no action against Mecum on that whole driving 109 miles per hour, being arrested at Republican Party Headquarters, and getting off with only a few hours in the slammer thing.

Teo notes that the only woman to come forward did so just a few weeks before she was scheduled to move to the East Coast for graduate school and was no longer in Mecum's sphere of influence.