Joe Arpaio Wants Your Help to Decide How He Should Celebrate His 78th Birthday -- Give the Geezer Some Suggestions in This Blog's Comments Section

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio "tweeted" earlier today that he needed a little help deciding what to do for his birthday this year, and while "jump in front of a fucking bus" was our initial suggestion, we figured loyal New Times readers probably had a few ideas of their own.

Arpaio will be turning 78 on June 14, and between posts on his Twitter page about "conducting another illegal immigrant operation here in Maricopa County today" and "just heard that some students from Fla are coming to visit me this morning and are self admitted illegal aliens," Arpaio made his plea:

"Anyone got any good ideas as to how I could celebrate my 78th birthday coming up this month?" Arpaio asks.

We thought we'd help the sheriff out and use the comment section of this blog post as a suggestion forum for Arpaio's upcoming birthday.

So, please leave any suggestions you may have for Arpaio, and we'll take the liberty of getting the best ideas to the Sheriff's Office -- careful, though, we all know how Joe feels about the IP addresses of New Times readers.

We'll report back later on your best shots.