Hot Links: MCC Funds, TGen Grants, and Hitler Underpants

People marched in central Phoenix yesterday to protest the California Supreme Court's Decision to uphold the constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. The rally, organized by grassroots organization Marriage Equality USA, drew around 200 people...An investigative report by the Arizona Office of the Auditor General alleges that Maricopa County Community Colleges misused public funds by lending more than $3 million to 26 non-profit employees through state payrolls. A spokesman for MCC called the report findings "nonsensical"...Dr. Daniel Von Hoff of Translational Genomics Research Institute (better known as TGen) has received an $18 million grant from philanthropic group Stand Up to Cancer to conduct research on cancer diagnoses and treatments. Von Hoff called the grant  "a dream come true"...The House approved a bill on Tuesday that would allow sparklers and some kinds of fireworks in Arizona. The bill, now headed for the Senate, would allow Arizona residents to purchase fireworks that shoot sparks and flames, but firecrackers and other devices that explode in the air will still be prohibited...The Phoenix Suns will play a preseason game against  the Philadlephia 76ers in Mexico on October 18.  The game marks the NBA's 18th  game in Mexico, and tickets are scheduled to go on sale June 1...Fashion retailer Next has recalled a line of underwear bearing a resemblance of Adolf Hitler saluting overhead planes. The retailer says the image is actually modeled after former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, but withdrew the remaining 5,200 pairs of underwear on the market anyway, after receiving customer complaints.

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