Phoenix City Council Elections: And the Winners in District 2, 4, 6, and 8 Are ...

Phoenix voters returned Councilman Sal DiCiccio and Councilman Jim Waring to the Phoenix City Council, and appear to have narrowed the crowded field in District 6 and District 8.

City election officials posted unofficial results at phoenix.gov, and note that those figures include early ballots, and that counts will be be updated after all ballots are tabulated.

In District 2, Jim Warring was handily re-elected with unofficial result showing he snagged slightly more than 76 percent of the votes cast. His opponent, Virgel Cain received almost 24 percent.

Councilman Sal DiCiccio, who represents District 6, bested his opponent, Karlene Keogh Parks, by a smaller margin -- 54.38 percent vs. 45.62 percent, according to preliminary results.

While those races have been settled, the crowded races in districts 4 and 8 appear headed for a runoff election in November.

Of the seven candidates vying to represent District 4, Laura Pastor and Justin Johnson are the two who will advance to the next election. Pastor won nearly 33 percent of the vote, while Johnson received just more than 34 percent, according to unofficial resulted posted on the city's website.

Those candidates who didn't make the cut are Jeffrey Brown (2.12 percent), Dan Carroll (5.39 percent), Scott Fistler (2.45 percent), Austin Head (3.31 percent) and David Lujan (19.10 percent).

Unofficial results in District 8 show that Kate Gallego has the greatest lead -- and with 47.56 percent of the ballots cast, is just a few points away from winning the race outright.

If there is a runoff, Gallego will face Warren Stewart, who received 21.46 percent of the vote -- about five points more than Lawrence Robinson.

Also left behind are Carolyn T. Lowery, who received 3.13 percent of the vote, and Luis F. Rodriguez, who captured 11.94 percent.