Three Arizona Cardinals On Fox Sports' Top 100 NFL Players List

Of the 100 best football players in the NFL, three are members of the hometown Cardinals.

At least that's what Fox Sports thinks, as the network recently put out its list of the top 100 NFL players.

The trio of Cards to make the list: wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, safety Adrian Wilson, and defensive tackle Darnell Dockett.

Fitzgerald (ranked number 6 overall) is the top receiver on the list, and with good reason. Last season Fitz hauled in 97 passes for 1,092 yards and 13 touchdowns.

The man is a machine, and nobody's forgotten the amazing display he put on two years ago during the Cards run to the Super Bowl.

Wilson, in his 10th year out of North Carolina State, is a beast in the secondary. He not only combines strong coverage and smarts, but is known as a feared knockout hitter. Wilson was the sixth-ranked safety on the list, behind such names as Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu -- probably where Wilson deserves to be.

The final Cardinal to be on the list was Dockett, who is a force up the middle for the Arizona defensive line. Listed as the third-best defensive tackle behind the whiny Albert Haynesworth and the pill-popping Kevin Williams, Dockett should be pleased with this spot.

Of the top 10 players, half are quarterbacks, with Peyton Manning leading the way. If Kurt Warner were still on the team, it's probably safe to say he would have at least cracked the top 15.

Two players from last season's team also made the list.

Linebacker Karlos Dansby comes in at number 82 while tough yet hot-headed wide receiver Anquan Boldin ranks 74th.

The absence of those three players could hurt the Cards as they hope for another deep run in the playoffs.

Matt Leinart wasn't on the list. But why should he be. He hasn't played much during his NFL career.