Terry Goddard Claims He Has Enough Contributions to Enter Governor's Race as Publicly Funded Candidate

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard wants to run as a publicly funded candidate for governor, and he claims today that he's got everything he needs to do it.

Goddard announced that he has received the 5,000 $5 donations and the 8,000 petition signatures needed to qualify as a publicly funded candidate in this year's gubernatorial election.

As a publicly funded candidate, Goddard is eligible to receive more than $700,000 in public money to spend on a primary campaign and an additional $1.1 million to spend on the general election.

At the moment, Goddard is the only Democratic candidate for governor, but the Republican field is slightly more crowded.

Arizona's current accidental governor, Jan Brewer, is running to keep her job and is also doing so as a publicly funded candidate. Other possible GOP candidates, such as Treasurer Dean Martin, have condemned publicly funded campaigns as unfair to candidates who don't take advantage of the free cash.

Goddard is expected to file the paperwork required to run as a publicly funded candidate with the Secretary of State's Office either this afternoon or Monday.