Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to Attend Astronaut Husband's Shuttle Launch

It's only been about two months since Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot "through the brain" during the January 8, shooting rampage in Tucson, but her staff confirms today that she plans to attend her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly's, April shuttle launch.

Kelly is pegged to serve as the mission commander aboard the space shuttle Endeavor, scheduled for launch on April 19. When asked today on Fox News whether Giffords would attend the launch, the congresswoman's spokesman, CJ Karamargin, said, "That's the plan."

There's been little word on Giffords' condition since she was moved from Tucson to a rehabilitation center in Houston. All reports, however, suggest that the congresswoman is making a good recovery.

About a month ago, Giffords spoke for the first time since the attack. Since then she's been reportedly singing and speaking much more frequently.

One of Giffords' best friends in Congress, Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz, told Fox News this morning that Giffords is using "so many more words" than she was when she last saw her a month ago.

Wasserman Shultz went on to say that Giffords' condition continues to improve and that she's been aware of her surroundings for quite a while.

She adds that despite the remarkable recovery, Giffords still "has a long way to go."

An official update from the hospital on Giffords' condition is expected Friday.