Obama "Greatest President" Billboard in Rural Arizona Advertises Conspiracy-Theory Website

If you've traveled through rural areas of Arizona, chances are you've seen an anti-Obama, anti-government, or generally conspiracy-theory-based billboard on someone's property.

What you may never see, however, is a pro-Obama billboard, which is what appears to have been erected along Interstate 40 in northeastern Arizona.

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The billboard is a photo of Mount Rushmore, with President Obama's face replacing George Washington's, and the only text says, "TheGreatestPresident[dot]com."

Not as surprising is the content found on that website, which is a collection of conspiracy theories, and generally anti-Obama ramblings.

There's no information about Obama deserving a spot on Mount Rushmore, but you can learn about how you're enslaved by the government.

The image at the top of this post is just a Photoshop of the billboard, which appears to be located somewhere near Sanders, Arizona. (Click here to see an actual photo of the billboard taken by a passerby.)

And if we're not mistaken, this is the same billboard that previously featured 9/11 truther and Ron Paul advertisements:

Moral of the story is, if you see this billboard, don't worry -- rural Arizona hasn't been taken over by Obama-supporting Democrats.

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