Jeff Flake Finally Has a Primary Opponent; Wil Cardon (Repped By Jason Rose) to Enter Race

For months, there's been a lot of speculation about who will challenge Congressman Jeff Flake in his bid to take over the Senate seat getting vacated by Senator Jon Kyl next year. Finally, someone's actually pulled the trigger and will challenge the Congressional beefcake.

Wil Cardon, a 40-year-old Mesa investment manager with the Cardon Group Inc., is entering the GOP Senate primary -- and GOP sources confirm to New Times that he's already enlisted Valley public relations honcho Jason Rose to help with his campaign.

That means Cardon will undoubtedly get a political tip of the cap from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Rose's prize pig.

Cardon didn't immediately return our call this afternoon, but he's already made it pretty clear he plans to use a tough stance on illegal immigration as his campaign platform.

From Politico:

"I'm against amnesty, I'm for protecting our border," Cardon said without directly engaging Flake.  "There will be plenty of time later on to talk about the differences in our records.  As we go forward, people will hear a lot more about that.  They need someone who is clear and principled on immigration."

Flake, as you may recall, has also recently become a bit of a border hawk -- he flaked on his support comprehensive immigration reform earlier this year (after announcing he'd be running for the Senate).

"In the past I have supported a broad approach to immigration reform -- increased border security coupled with a temporary worker program. I no longer do," Flake said at the time.

"I've been down that road, and it is a dead end. The political realities in Washington are such that a comprehensive solution is not possible, or even desirable given the current leadership. Border security must be addressed before other reforms are tackled."

Well let you know if Cardon gets back to us.