Arizona Diamondbacks Weak on Offense, Allow the Washington Nationals' New Kid to Win the Game

If this is your first time hearing about the Washington Nationals' youngster phenom Bryce Harper, we'll warn you now that it won't be the last time.

Harper hit an RBI double in the sixth inning off D'Backs starter Ian Kennedy in last night's game, putting the Nats up 2-1, which would eventually become the final score.

For the second time in a row, the D'Backs failed to help Kennedy get a win out of a solid outing on the mound.

The bats were dead. The Diamondbacks' first base-runner came in the third inning, when Kennedy was walked by Nationals starter Ross Detwiler.

The first hit for the D'Backs didn't come for a couple more innings, when Ryan Roberts singled to left field.

Keeping with the momentum of dead bats, A.J. Pollock -- the Snakes' new kid -- grounded into a double play in the next at-bat.

The lone D'Backs run came off a double by second-baseman Aaron Hill in the top of the sixth, scoring Willie Bloomquist, who reached base on a walk.

Ian Desmond, the man who spoiled the D'Backs game two days ago
, led off the bottom of the sixth with a double on Kennedy, and he advanced to third off a sacrifice bunt.

Then Harper hit one deep -- not that deep, keeping it in the yard, but scoring Desmond and landing himself on second.

In the seventh, the D'Backs led off with a single from Paul Goldschmidt. Miguel Montero grounded out in the next at-bat, but that advanced Goldie.

Then Roberts flied out, and Pollock struck out on what's going to be defined as a "check swing," but we're not sure there's an actual definition for the way he moved the bat almost near the ball, almost around the time it crossed the plate.

In the eighth and ninth innings, the D'Backs probably would've added at least five runs had the walls been about 10 feet closer in the outfield. Unfortunately, they weren't, so a lot of fielding work was done around the warning track.

Goldschmidt was actually the last base-runner they had, and even though the D'Backs were down by just one, the game seemed out of reach late, with anemic batting and 100-mph fastballs from closer Henry Rodriguez.

Kennedy was tagged with the loss, and the D'Backs play again tonight against the New York Mets at Citi Field.