Lil Wayne Sentencing Postponed -- Again!

As the New York Times aptly points out, sooner or later the headline "Lil Wayne Goes to Jail" will be correct. Today, however, is not that day.

Since our earlier post about Wayne, known to the government as Dwayne Carter, we learned that Wayne has evaded the clink for yet again, as his sentencing for a gun conviction was postponed in New York today.

A spokesman for the Manhattan criminal court where Weezie was supposed to be sentenced to a year-long jail term today, tells the New York Daily News that a fire in the court's basement prompted an evacuation of the entire building.

This is now the second time Wayne's sentencing has been postponed since he pleaded guilty in October. His original sentencing was scheduled for February 10, but emergency dental surgery forced the court to postpone it until today.

The court date is yet to be rescheduled, but barring grill-replacement surgery, a fire, or an act of God, we can assume Lil Wayne will be heading to the slammer sometime soon.