Morning Poll: Will Tom Horne Pull Out a Victory?

It's still officially unofficial. The GOP primary for attorney general is still undecided and will likely remain so until at least tomorrow.

As of last night, Tom Horne has a 419-vote lead over Andrew Thomas in the race with about 100,000 votes left uncounted.

The majority of the uncounted votes come from Maricopa County, where Thomas saw his one-time 9,000 vote lead disappear on election night.

Thomas' campaign consultant, Jason Rose, even says the trend is leaning toward a Horne victory, but we want to know what you think: will Tom Horne pull out a victory?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- after the jump.

Yesterday's poll question: How Fucked is Maricopa County With Montgomery Likely to be the Next County Attorney?

- 12 percent say not fucked at all.

- 8 percent say kinda fucked.

- 16 percent say really fucked.

- 64 percent say Human Centipede fucked.

Here is your morning poll: