Five Reasons to Vote for John McCain for U.S. Senate

In order to give candidates equal time following our earlier post, Five Reasons to Vote for J.D. Hayworth for Senate, we thought we'd share a few things about John McCain that may be helpful to know when you go to the polls tomorrow.

In our Hayworth post, we said we wouldn't vote for the guy if he were running for dogcatcher and someone had a gun to our head. For many, the same applies to McCain.

In order to assist in your decision making, we've come up with five reasons why "The Maverick" might be the candidate for you.

1) He's not J.D. Hayworth:

It's rare that a candidate receive such an outpouring of support for simply not being the other candidate. We've run into several people who don't particularly like "The Maverick." Each usually ends our conversation by saying something along the lines of "well, at least he's not Hayworth." In our humble opinion, McCain could have switched his campaign slogan to "hey, at least I'm not J.D." about six months ago and would still win the primary.

2) He's G-rated (during a campaign, that is):

He could have gone with "damn" but didn't. In fact, McCain is so G-rated during campaign season, the less offensive "darn" was even overlooked when coming up with an adjective to describe the border fence -- or lack there of. McCain sacrificed a lot of cool-points when he finally settled on "dang" for his infamous "complete the dang fence" TV ad -- and that's the kind of sacrifice we need from our next senator.

3) Joe Arpaio hates his guts:

Well, we're sold.

4) "Snooki" digs him:

We can't imagine there are too many voters out there who take their electoral cues from the stars of reality TV shows but if there are it should excite you to know that "Snooki," of Jersey Shore shame, is an outspoken supporter of McCain. Only when it comes to the serious stuff, though -- like tanning beds.

5) Nostalgia:

John McCain's been a fixture in Arizona politics since the Reagan Administration. Voters have turned out for "The Maverick" every time he's run for re-election since 1983, so voting for the guy may have some nostalgic qualities for some Arizonans. However, this could be the last chance for voters to cast their vote for "The Maverick. McCain's 74 years old and the average life expectancy for a human male is 77.9 years. We're not sayin'...we're just sayin'.