Carlos Rodriguez Admits to Shooting Up Phoenix Birthday Party, Killing Two

Police say the man who shot at a group of people attending a birthday party in Phoenix this weekend, killing two people, admitted to doing just that.

One of the men killed in Carlos Rodriguez's drive-by shooting was the birthday boy, 18-year-old Jason Acosta-Ramos.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, a man who people at the party only knew as Carlos shot at a crowd of people standing outside the house, near I-17 and Cactus Road, around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

Six people were shot, several of whom told police that Carlos had gotten into an argument with them, and when Carlos left, he said he was going to shoot and kill them, according to the documents.

He even showed off his gun and chambered a round before he left, the documents say. He also advised a friend to go inside the house because "things were going to go bad," according to the documents.

Sure enough, less than a minute later, a green sedan drove by, stopped in front of the house, and the driver started shooting.

Folks at the party apparently knew Carlos' mother, who was the owner of that car, so they knew the vehicle they were looking for. Police found Rodriguez driving the car into an apartment complex on Monday.

Rodriguez, who's listed as an "undocumented alien" in court documents, told police the same story the party-goers did, as he admitted to doing the drive-by shooting.

The weapon used in the murders was in the trunk of the car, according to police. Rodriguez was booked into jail on nearly 40 felony charges, most of them endangerment charges, but two first-degree murder charges as well.

He's being held without bond.