Is Mike Zullo's Encounter With Police at a Nursing Home the Lowest of Lows in the "Birther" Gag?

Yesterday, we brought you a story by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "birther" chief Mike Zullo in his own words, describing his nursing-home pursuit of a 95-year-old woman.

Not only did Zullo get the cops called on him while his was seeking Verna K. Lee -- who worked at the Hawaiian registrar's office back in the day -- he didn't even get to question her, due to some sort of Obama conspiracy, according to Zullo.

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-Joe Arpaio's "Birther" Chief Gets Cops Called on Him During His Pursuit of 95-Year-Old Woman in a Nursing Home

As with "normal police protocol," Zullo -- who is not a police officer -- says he went to the front desk of the "assisted-living facility," and asked to speak with her. Staff said Lee would be back in an hour, so Zullo said he'd be back then, and noted that he refused to leave a business card, because he "didn't want someone running [his] name."

"When I was sitting in the parking lot, and a half-hour, approximately, had gone by, I decided to go back inside and make sure I understood the protocol," Zullo said.

When Zullo went back inside to verify the protocol for talking to an old person, the woman at the front desk "demanded" to see his credentials again, and proceeded to call the cops.

Zullo got cleared by the cops, and Lee agreed to meet with him, but she withdrew her offer shortly after that.

"Now, that's a pretty big change from 'yes, I'll meet with you,' to the message I got," Zullo said. "So obviously, someone there had a conversation with her, and that interview never took place. That was the second time, I think, that we were asked not to come back and also had the cops called on us. You, know that's what it is, and that's the way it runs over there, you kind of learn that real quick, that's it's a very liberal place and they protect their own."

This morning's question: is this the official low point in Arpaio's "birther" "investigation?

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