Beau MacMillan, Star of Worst Cook in America, Arrested in Scottsdale

Scottsdale resident Beau MacMillan, star of Worst Cook in America, may want to change the name of his show to Worst Traffic Enforcement in America and set it in Maricopa County after his arrest in Scottsdale on Sunday night.

MacMillan was pulled over after he failed to come to a complete stop at a red light. After entering his name into a police data-base, the fuzz found that MacMillan had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for failing to appear in court.

In what is probably much to the dismay of some of the contestants on his show, MacMillan's court appearance wasn't for anything too serious. It was for a speeding ticket he received after getting busted by one of Arizona's infamous robo-cops: photo-radar.

MacMillan tells New Times that the whole thing is just a big misunderstanding.

According to MacMillan -- who limited his comments on the advice of his lawyer -- he had just moved and the details about his court appearance were probably mailed to the wrong address.

At the time of his February 2, court date, he says he was in New York filming promos for his show on the Food Network, which is what caused him to unknowingly miss the court date.

In what seemed to be a shameful plug for his new Valley restaurant -- which is why we won't mention its name here -- MacMillan says, despite how excited he is to see the restaurant open, he promises to slow down.

He may not have to, though. If MacMillan wants to avoid future tickets, he should have a look at New Times list of ways to avoid paying photo-radar tickets. Check it out here.