Lake Havasu City Councilman Says He's "Just a Little Jewish" When it Comes to City Manager's Contract

At a meeting to discuss whether or not to fire Lake Havasu City Manager Richard Kaffenberger, a member of the City Council had an interesting excuse for how he handles city finances.

He's "just a little Jewish."

At least that's what Councilman Lee Barnes told the city council members in a special meeting last night.

"Excuse my action, but I'm just a little Jewish to be able to do this," was the exact phrase, which caused an uproar in the meeting room, according to a story on the Jewish Web site VIN.

A call to the number listed for Barnes wasn't answered today, but in a measly attempt at damage control, he had this to say to VIN.

"What I meant there is Jewish people are pretty good with their money," he said. "I think a lot of Jewish families teach generation after generation very well on how to handle their money."

Right. We suppose black people have been teaching their families to love fried chicken on a generation by generation basis, too, huh.

Mayor Mark Nexsen referred to Barnes' statement as "inappropriate" and says he plans to  have a little talk with Barnes and perhaps explain to him the stereotypical connotation of what he said.

"It wasn't meant to be inappropriate, and I meant that we should handle our money very carefully," he said. "I hope this doesn't turn into a big deal, and I apologize to those people who found it offensive."

He hopes it doesn't turn into a big deal, huh? Barnes must never have had an authentic Jewish grandmother get a little mashugana on his ass -- it became a big deal the second it flew out of his mouth.