Legislators Want to Start Taking Donations from Taxpayers to Help Bridge Budget Gap. Good Luck

Members of the Arizona Legislature are working on a, umm, great idea to help bridge the state's now $1.5 budget gap -- they want to start taking donations from you.

As if the taxpayers are the ones who got us into this mess.

Legislators are drumming up support for a bill called the "I didn't pay enough fund," where they would ask taxpayers to voluntarily pay more than required under state law to add some extra revenue to the state.

The plan, introduced by Representative Judy Burges, calls for the creation of a box on state income tax forms that asks taxpayers to basically donate money they aren't required to pay to the state to help legislators out of their current budget quagmire.

Why don't legislators just stand in front of a grocery store ringing a bell. Or they could start "donating" a portion of their salaries until they stop bickering, do their jobs, and get us out of this disaster.

Here's a fund taxpayers might be a little more willing to donate money to: The "I helped elect incompetent lawmakers who mismanaged my money fund."