Joe Arpaio's Balking at His Chance to Present "Birther" Info in Court, and Orly Taitz Is Mad

If, for some reason, anyone needs further evidence of how bogus Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "birther" investigation is, here you go.

Orly Taitz, perhaps one of the most well-known challengers to the eligibility of President Obama, is still trying to contest the issue in court, and tells New Times that Arpaio refuses to show up as a witness in her case.

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"[W]hat he is doing, equals an obstruction of Justice," Taitz says in an e-mail.

Taitz says she's heated right now about Arpaio not helping out in her case, and Arpaio apparently told his master birther Mike Zullo, and one of their allies, John Sampson, not to go either.

Sampson, a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer who's running for state Senate in Colorado, has helped out Taitz before in her court challenges. He was on a radio show this morning, along with Taitz, and here's what he said (thanks to Dr. Conspiracy):

...I was down in Phoenix, Arizona, and met with Joe Arpaio and his crew. And at that meeting I instructed, because there's an ongoing criminal investigation, that they would appreciate it that if I didn't testify at any other hearings. Because of the information that I became privy to as a result of that meeting. Once I get on the witness stand, lord only knows what questions are gonna be asked. And as a result, I've been in touch with Mike Zullo who is the lead investigator for this thing and none of us are going, and I understand where Dr. Taitz is with this, I really do, and I applaud her efforts, but I'm in a bind right now where I cannot...

The man known as "Dr. Conspiracy" summed up that statement perfectly: "Just wow! Arpaio shares with an out of state civilian critical details of an ongoing investigation, but tells him to keep it out of the hands of the courts. I must side with Orly Taitz when she says John's second point is nonsense. Anything Arpaio told him is hearsay and inadmissible..."

So, Taitz says she's had Arpaio served with subpoenas twice, which, we'll tell you, aren't really enforceable. However, she has filed a motion in Maricopa County to compel them to show up.

However, it seems like Arpaio would just at the chance to get his "investigation" heard in court if he truly believes -- as he's claimed several times -- there is "probable cause" of President Obama's birth certificate being a forgery. The same goes with his wish that the issue be kept out of the presidential debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Additionally, Taitz isn't asking for Arpaio to bring the entire case and all the top-secret details of the "investigation" into a courtroom -- she wants him to verify the information in the sworn affidavit he provided about the case.

"He is not showing up, he refused to show up at trial in other cases," Taitz says. "According to an interview given today at a radio show by a deportation officer John Sampson, Arpaio told Sampson and Arpaio's investigator Mike Zullo not to show as well, so three of them agreed not to show up as witnesses at trial. I have no words to describe, how angry I am."

We've asked the Sheriff's Office for comment on the situation, so we'll let you know if they get back to us.