Mugshot of the Week from Maricopa County Sheriff's Office: 52-Year-Old Roseann Jimenez

Rosann Jimenez

​We know what you're probably thinking, but the answer is no -- this is not Governor Jan Brewer before a trip to the makeup chair.

This toothless Valley treasure is 52-year-old Roseann Jimenez. 

Jimenez got pinched in Phoenix last week on a slew of felony drug charges, including possession and use of a narcotic drug and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jimenez weighs a frightening 95 pounds, and

after dealing with her current legal issues, could probably find work as one of the "after" models for the Arizona Meth Project, or as a stand-in for Governor Brewer. 

Considering Jan's handling of the state budget, Jimenez might be a welcome replacement.