Fox Sports Uses Ted Williams' Alcor-Frozen Head to Predict Playoffs

The frozen head of Ted Williams made headlines again last week when a new book claims lab technicians at Scottsdale-based Alcor Life Extension Foundation used the Spendid Splinter's frozen head as a baseball as they hit it with a monkey wrench.

Well, Fox Sports is taking a gimmicky approach to predict the baseball playoffs, and using the severed frozen head of "Teddy ballgame" to posthumously predict the playoffs.

Some people are saying it is insensitive to use the slugger's death and post-mortem misfortunes in a humorous way.


The commentary is hilarious, and Ted's predictions seem spot on.

According to the head of the bodiless Ted, the Yanks will sweep whoever they play, Detroit or Minnesota, and the Red Sox will fall to the Angels in five.

As for the National League: Ted's head has the Cardinals over the Dodgers in four, and the Phillies over Colorado, also in four.

Aside from the predictions, some of the commentary is great. Here's a preview:

"I know what you're thinking: Cremation is looking pretty good right now.

Yeah, the ol' Splinter took some licks in life -- broken elbow, neck problems, fighter-jet crash landings. But nothing as rough as the abuse I've taken in death.

Course, these lab tech wusses would wait 'til I got no arms to take a run at The Kid.

But if you think a few lumps are gonna keep Teddy Ballgame down, you got another think coming. Like I always say, there's no crying in cryonics.

And look at the bright side, if I wasn't frozen in suspended animation, I wouldn't be able to weigh in on the 2009 playoff picture."

Check out the whole story here.