Metro Seeks Input on Plan for Interstate 10 Light Rail Stations

You can help guide the Valley's transportation future at a public forum on Wednesday to discuss how the light-rail system will connect and run alongside Interstate 10 West.

The sequel to the successful launch of the 20-mile starter line is still in the planning phase, but Metro expects light rail to be blazing down Interstate 10 by 2019.

The agency has identified a "study area" from 7th street to 99th Avenue -- if your house or business is near the freeway you might want to pay attention to the details.

The meeting will take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 3, at Phoenix City Hall, 200 West Washington Street, in the first-floor assembly rooms.

For Metro info about the plans for Interstate 10, click here.

Hillary Foose, Metro spokeswoman, tells us the idea is to have stations every three or for miles along the rail line in the freeway median. Passengers would likely board by accessing stations on freeway overpasses, then taking elevators down to the platform. Because of the greater posted speed limit on the freeway, the trains on Interstate 10 will be allowed to exceed their usual 35-mph-plus, Foose says.

"It will be the same light rail service, just at higher speeds," she says.

With a top speed of less than 65 mph, the trains should be able to avoid speed camera tickets.