New Name in GOP Race For Governor: Former GOP Chairman John Munger

Despite the fact that the sitting governor's a Republican, the GOP list of Arizona gubernatorial candidates has gotten even longer.

John Munger, a Tucson lawyer and former Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, filed paperwork with the Secretary of State's office this morning to run for the state's highest office.

After his GOP chairmanship in the 1980s, Munger was a member of the Arizona Board of Regents in the early 90s.

Munger joins rookie Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, State Treasurer Dean Martin, and former Governor Fife Symington as a GOP gubernatorial hopeful.

Oh, and of course there's that sitting governor, Jan Brewer.


Brewer, who has expressed interest in seeking a full term, has managed to piss off a majority of her party, to the point that she is currently the least popular politician within a state GOP -- in the entire country.

A recent poll put her statewide approval rating at a feeble 22 percent.

With an interesting primary season on the horizon, GOP efforts may be futile. Whoever the GOP candidate turns out to be can probably look forward to getting stomped by Attorney General Terry Goddard, who polls place ahead of just anyone the GOP has to offer. So far.