Jimmy Wayne Completes Somewhat-Homeless Walk from Nashville to Phoenix

After months of walking, country music star Jimmy Wayne (pictured) has finally made it to Phoenix.

Wayne began his trek on January 1, when he pledged to walk from Nashville, Tennessee, to Phoenix to raise awareness of homeless kids and children he says "age out" of the foster-care system.

Wayne, once a homeless teen himself, walked about 1,700 miles -- across six states -- before making it to Phoenix last night.

The walk was not without incident, as we've been reporting for months (and the Arizona Republic just noticed this morning).

Along the way, Wayne broke his heel, had his RV burglarized, and even sang Karaoke at an Arizona bar using the name "Barry Wong," a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission. Wayne got the name when he walked by one of Wong's campaign signs.

"It's not about the walk," Wayne told a crowd of supporters who met him at Steele Indian School Park at Central Avenue and Indian School Road yesterday. "The big picture here is about the kids -- about the youth."

While Wayne's walk is admirable -- and in no way do we have the balls to do anything like it ourselves -- New Times was criticized by the country star's fans a few months ago for pointing out that his journey wasn't exactly the homeless quest Wayne was pimping it as.

Click here for those details, and click here to see how butt-hurt it made Wayne's fans.

In any event, big ups to Jimmy Wayne for completing his somewhat-homeless journey. Click here for info on Wayne's charity.