Morning Poll (About a Poll): Does SB 1070 "Heighten Racism" in Arizona?

The Arizona Republic conducted a poll last month asking respondents if the debate over immigration caused by the SB 1070 fiasco has increased racism in Arizona.

The answer, according to the Repub's poll: yes.

According to the poll, 46 percent of Arizona adults agreed that the immigration debate has "exposed a deeper sense of racism in our community." In contrast, 38 percent of those polled disagree.

Hispanics, the Republic finds, swung the results with nearly 75 percent of Latinos polled agreeing with the claim.

We figured we'd conduct our own, less-than-scientific poll to see if New Times readers agree with the Republic's findings -- yes, a poll about a poll.

So, vote -- and see the results of Friday's poll -- below.

Friday's poll question: Who Fired a Bullet Through Congressman Grijalva's Window?

- 29.5 percent say someone opposed to SB 1070.

- 61.4 percent say a supporter of SB 1070.

- 4.5 percent say "a couple of kids."

- 4.5 percent say none of the above.

Here is your morning poll: