Joan Rivers' Go Daddy Body Double Looks Way Too Much Like Joan Rivers

As we mentioned yesterday, like many, we were duped by Scottsdale-based domain provider Go Daddy into calling Joan Rivers hot. Today we learn that Rivers' body double for Sunday's Super Bowl ad (the actual woman to whom we referred as "hot") happens to look a lot like Rivers (although, much, much younger and far more attractive).

Leading up to Sunday's Super Bowl, when Go Daddy promised to reveal the identity of its "smoking hot" new "Go Daddy Girl," we were shown legs, a great ass, and a really happenin' rack, with the full identity of the "girl" to be revealed during the big game. The new "girl" turned out to be Rivers, but those legs, that ass, and the rack belong to a woman named Tabitha Taylor, who, as you can see in the photo below, and first pointed out by Pop 2 It, looks surgically created much like Rivers.

Sure, she's attractive (when not displayed next to a photo of Rivers), check out her Web site here. But those lips, the razor-thin nose, and pulled-back eyes bear a chilling resemblance to the aging comedian's.

Pop Eater is reporting that Taylor's is, in fact, the bod used by Go Daddy to hype its new domain venture,, and is the woman seen below Rivers' head during the moment of "Internet magic" that occurred during Sunday's ad.

Aside from serving as the body double for a 77-year-old woman in a TV commercial, some of Taylor's other notable accomplishments include a supporting role in Dude Where's My Car?, acting as a stand in for Pamela Anderson, and serving as a "hand double" for Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendez in TV ads.

From her Web site:

Outside of show business, Tabitha is very much into fitness, she is an established
kickbox instructor, and an animal rights activist. With her idol, Marilyn Monroe, firmly in mind, Tabitha continues to perfect her craft, with an eye both toward comedy and drama. Don't expect Tabitha to stop until Hollywood is HERS!

Hand modeling, body doubling for a 77-year-old woman, and a brief appearance in an Ashton Kutcher movie -- Taylor seems to be (ahem) on the right track in her quest to conquer Hollywood.