Phoenix Duo Tries to Trade Food Stamps for Drugs in Grocery Store, Cops Say

A Phoenix couple tried to trade their food stamps to grocery shoppers in exchange for drugs, police say.

Perhaps the drug use has done a number on couple's brains, but people don't usually carry bags of drugs while grocery shopping. Thus, they were unsuccessful in making any transactions.

A police officer just tried to shoo away the two, in response to complaints from customers and store staff at the Fry's grocery store, near 19th and Glendale avenues.

The officer told the unidentified man to leave and saw him out the door, but the woman, 28-year-old April Stevens, started running away, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

She didn't listen to commands to stop as the officer caught up with her and tackled her, according to the documents.

"April was very sweaty and was struggling," the officer notes in a probable-cause statement.

The officer took Stevens back to the security office, but not before she tried to bail again, and had to be tackled for a second time.

The officer read Stevens her rights, and while the officer contacted dispatch to check for warrants, Stevens got out of a chair in the security office, and tried to once run more.

She ran into a Fry's employee on her way -- knocking the employees glasses off -- before Stevens was (you guessed it) tackled by the officer for the third time, according to the documents.

After all that, Stevens wasn't even booked into jail on charges related to unlawful use of food stamps -- which can be a felony offense -- and was instead booked into jail on charges of resisting arrest, escape, and disorderly conduct. Her counterpart wasn't even arrested.

Booking records show Stevens had just been arrested the day prior for failure to pay a fine. Court documents indicate Stevens has been unemployed for about a year now.

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