Awesome Video of Guy Asking White People if They're Illegal Canadian Immigrants -- Complete With Black-Eyed Hillbilly Threatening to Hit People

Comedian Steve Hofstetter spent an hour standing in front of Governor Jan Brewer's office asking white people if he could see their birth certificates. He videotaped his findings and the end result is hilarious.

The video is obviously designed to point out the hypocrisy of the new law, and those who support it -- including a hillbilly with two black eyes, who says he supports SB 1070 because it will "clean up the community."

When told he looked like a Canadian in the United States illegally and asked how he would react if someone asked to see his birth certificate -- as the new law would require suspected illegal immigrants to do -- that same black-eyed hillbilly responds with "somebody might get hit."

It's great. Check it out after the jump. And check out more on Steve Hofstetter here.